Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

I recently won a Nikon D7000 (yay!) However being a Canon user with no real knowledge of Nikon SLR functionality, I had ashamedly shunned my new present to the corner for the last few weeks. I finally bought my gadget out to play today, and thinking I had attached the strap correctly (I hadn't) I left the house to take some shots. All was going fine until I walked back to my car (camera over shoulder) and BAM! strap falls off, camera hits the concrete floor. I look down to see battery, memory card, and lens cap flung out and strewn across the floor. Thinking the worst I bend down to pick up my short lived new toy. To my surprise albeit a few scratches, it was perfectly fine!!! A++++ to Nikon for resilience ;) This image was taken with a macro lens (flower head was scarcely bigger than the nail on my pinky finger) I really like the pattern of the rock formation in the background. Usually I am not a fan of noise, although I think it works well for this image.

ISO- 5000
1/80 sec

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