Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 8

Today we went on a mini roadtrip to O'Reily's Plateau in the mountainous region of the Gold Coast. On the way we picked up a hitchhiker who end up being a paraglider. He had glided down the mountain and was catching a lift back up the mountain to meet his fellow gliders at the pub after a successful day of jumping off mountains. After we dropped our new friend off we continued on our journey. We bumped into a herd of mischievous cattle halfway up the mountain. This cow was looking particularly majestic against the lush backdrop that I couldn't help jump out and take a picture. With the assistance of photoshop I layered some coloured backgrounds and ended up with a rather vintage style image. After hopping back in the car  (managing to avoid running over any cattle) we finally made it up the mountain. We kicked off our shoes, lay on our backs, breathed in the fresh mountain air on a day that could only be described as perfect.

5d II
ISO 200
320 sec

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